1 - How many days will it take to receive my product?

These products are completely handmade and the art of hand embroidery is labor intensive in which case the hours taken to complete may vary depending on each order. The estimated delivery time for all accessories is 10-12 days all over India. Any change or delay in producing your order will be communicated to the client.

2 - What does handmade jewelery mean?

Handmade accessories basically mean that no machine or metal carving mass production has orchestrated the piece. It means that each bead is manually sewed one stitch at a time. There is no stamp or predesigned plate on which the stones are fixed. The Base of these products is cloth and does not have any pre-set shape. As it is the art of hand embroidery often two pieces may not look identical as it is not machine made. However it is an identifying characteristic of any handmade product.

3 - Are the accessories/ earrings heavy?

As mentioned in the above section, these accessories are cloth based and extremely lightweight. These pieces are comfortable on the ears and doesn’t weigh your ears down. The absence of a metal back as usual earrings have is what makes it easy to wear for hours together.

4 - How do customizations work?

Customizations are always a process in which lots of time and effort need to be invested. Here at Crystazine Studio, each customized piece is designed and executed by the founder herself. The best way to discuss any ideas or concepts you would like us to create in embroidery, kindly get in touch with us via email crystazine@gmail.com or feel free to reach out to us on call/whatsapp +91 9920244139. We are open to all ideas and treat each customized order as our baby and make it special for the client.

5 - Can we come in person and discuss what we want customized?

Customizations are always best discussed and created in person. Feel free to drop by our centrally located studio to see the marvelous work we do in person and book your unique one of a kind piece with us.  

6 - Can we replace an order?

An order once shipped and delivered cannot be returned or sent back to us. However if there is an issue with the fitting/ quality of the product, it can be discussed with our team and we will do the best to make the piece tailor made to your needs.

7 - Do you take urgent orders?

We do entertain orders even if you need it within 2 days depending on the city you stay in. However there will be a priority order fee depending on the accessory you want to order with us.

8 - Do you have COD( Cash on Delivery)?

We offer cash on delivery only in certain pincodes within Mumbai. As our studio is still home grown, we do not offer this provision yet but intend to start cash on delivery (COD) soon.

9 - What is the policy of advance?

We need a 50% advance payment for any pieces that are bespoke or customized to your design.

10 - Do we offer any discount?

All our pieces are specially customized and made per order. We make each piece fresh for every client. That is why you will always receive a shinning new product on any purchase. Hence we do not offer any discount or any sale price to falsely give away old stock.

11 - Can we personalize the packaging?

Surely you can. If any additional details are required or any gift message to send out your parcels to your loved ones, type in a special request on whatsapp with your order number and we will do the needful.